Best baby stroller reviewsMost stroller manufacturers will claim to have the best stroller travel system on the market. The truth is that, even though there are a multitude of strollers on the market at any given time, only a handful are in a position to be considered as the best strollers travel systems.

When it comes to shopping for the best stroller for your baby, it is important that you understand the product you are buying for your little one, get to know the advantages and disadvantages associated with the travel system stroller and where to get maximum quality at an affordable price. One way of doing that is to find independent travel system stroller reviews that tell you about the product that you are looking to buy. The same principle applies when it comes to buying the best baby stroller UK for your child. The best stroller UK reviews and ratings will give you some information on the top selling products on the market. These baby stroller reviews are based on research to find out the best baby strollers UK in terms of top sellers, best prices, product feature, their pros and cons. With that in mind, we have prepared our own best baby stroller reviews UK which is presented further down the page. If you’d like to go straight to the best baby stroller reviews UK that we have prepared, please feel free to jump straight into it. It is half way down this page. First we want to look at some general information about baby strollers for those who are not familiar with this important baby travel system:

What is a Baby Stroller?

A baby stroller is a form of carriage is chair shaped and with three to four wheels used for carrying babies around. It is pushed by hands and usually has a cover to protect the baby against harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind or dust. Baby strollers dates back to the 18th century when Kent William made the first animal drawn baby stroller. Past baby stroller reviews attribute the need to have a first class travel package for babies as the driving force and brains behind this amazing baby product.

Advantages of a Baby Stroller

Flexibility. The best baby strollers allow you to cater for your baby irrespective of circumstances. For example; when strolling in the park, you get to push your baby along, and when driving you detach the baby’s seat from the stroller’s frame and buckle it to the seat of the car.

Comfort and Safety. The interior of the best strollers are usually lined with soft spongy material that is tender to the baby’s skin. Furthermore, you can adjust the posture of the baby whenever it is appropriate. The fastening belt gently holds the baby in position therefore you don’t have to worry about your baby falling over.

Convenience. As your baby grows up, he or she adds more weight. This means your ability to carry the baby on your back for prolonged period of time reduces drastically. With one of the best travel systems stroller you can conveniently carry the baby along and be able to adjust the length to ensure the baby fits on well.

Disadvantages of a Baby Stroller

Cost. The best strollers are not cheap. Majority of middle class families cannot afford to buy a baby stroller for their children. For example, a cheap baby strollers on sale at amazon goes for £49.99. If you are looking to buy one of the best travel system strollers, you will be looking at over £200.

Places You Can Best Strollers UK

One can buy the best strollers on the high street stores like boots etc. However the high street stores can be much more expensive as the stores have to cover their overheads. Add to that the inconvinience of transporting a travel system stroller from the high street to home and it becomes a bad idea to buy your best stroller from the high street shops. In our view, a much better place to buy travel system strollers is online. Not only can you find cheap strollers online but it is also more convenient. From the comfort of your home you can browse through a whole range of best strollers from many different online store to find one that you like at a price that suits you. Amazon is well known for stocking some of the best travel system strollers on the planet. They have expensive, affordable and cheap strollers to suit any pocket. Here is our best baby stroller reviews:

Cosatto Supa Stroller

Cosatto Supa Stroller is a baby stroller designed to offer maximum comfort to your toddler. Nicknamed The Cuddle Monster, this stroller is perfectly designed to ensure the safe transport of your baby from one place to another.
This stroller is easy to use and carry around making a must have commodity for parents. Some of its awesome features include a super free standing folded option. This makes it easy to fold and fit it in the trunk of your car when travelling. It has removable seats for easy cleaning. It also has lockable front wheels and adjustable handles. The lockable wheels ensure that the stroller does not roll over if the stroller is left unattended to for any reason. This ensures the safety of the baby. The Cosatto Supa Stroller comes with an inbuilt pocket for multi-media devices in the hood with a speaker. This makes it possible to play soft tunes to the baby and helps keep a baby happy and amused as the baby is being carried around. This stroller is also very comfy thanks to its smooth interior and the reversible cosy toes with kangaroo pouch and a fleece liner. It also offers a one handed recline with four reclining positions. It has an extendable sunshine protection to shield the baby from direct sunlight.

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One of the demerits of this stroller is its price. It is thus not easily available to any one on a budget. It is also a little heavy and this might not be good for some. Despite this limitations, I would really recommended this stroller for the comfort and security it provides.

Chicco London Stroller.

The Chicco london stroller is an extremely versatile stroller which combines comfort and protection for babies as well as ease of use for parents. It has double rear wheels with braking system. This ensures that the baby does not roll off when the stroller is left unattended to. It also has a spacious seat with 5 point retainer harness. This fastens the baby to the stroller so as to ensure it does not fall off just in case the path way is bumpy. It is also homologous. This allows for the baby to lay flat on its back hence this stroller is suitable for use with a newborn. It also offers multi-position reclining backrest. This makes for easy offload from the car.
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The limits to this stroller is that it requires maintenance from the user and this might be a bit hectic. It is also somehow light and this might affect its durability. All in all , the Chicco London Stroller is pretty good and easy to fold and carry in a car. This is definitely one of the best strollers to buy.

The Cosatto Yo Stroller.

The Cossato Yo stroller is a high quality stroller with a strong emphasis on the comfort of your baby. With its multi recline and lie flat position, this stroller is suitable for use with new born babies. It has a umbrella shield with auto lock for sunshine protection. Its front lockable wheels prevent the stroller from rolling off. It also includes cosy toes and zip-off fleece liner.
One of the limitations of this stroller is that the handles are somehow low. This might be a problem for tall parents pushing it around as it entails a lot of bending.
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All that considered, the Cossato Yo stroller has an awesome design and beautiful colours. Every time you walk your baby you will keep getting compliments. I would highly recommend it to new parents or those wishing to make a change.

Zeta Citi Stroller Buggy Pushchair.

As best strollers go, The Zeta City is a straightforward and yet Trendy baby stroller. It is a very able baby stroller for casual outing. This excellent lightweight umbrella foldable infant stroller is perfect for babies right from Birth. It has multi-reclining back and locking swivelling front tires. The cover is easily-removed and the baby stroller carries a 5-point safety harness. The actual distance off the ground of the handle to its highest point is one hundred and seven centimetres. In addition the distance in between handles is thirty four centimetres. If the baby stroller is folded up, its measurements are 103 x 26 x 20 cm.

Main feature

• A lightweight baby stroller.
• The stroller is suitable for babies from Birth
• Has an Umbrella fold that makes for a compact fold
• The front wheels swivel and are Lockable
• Multi-recline position back is standard
• This is a High Quality baby stroller that is built to last.


– It has a reasonably sized basket under the seat to hold shopping
– The stroller has 3 reclining positions allowing the baby to sleep comfortably on an outing
– It is easy to fold
– Comes with a hood that gives very good sunshade
– Definitely falls into the category of best umbrella stroller


This stroller does not come with a carry handle

Overall review

Zeta Citi Stroller Buggy Pushchair is a comfortable stroller that is well padded. It is also easy to push. It is a cheap stroller that provides high standards. This is certainly one of the best strollers to buy for this price tag.