In recent years, lightweight strollers have gained popularity as a means of transporting babies from one destination to another. This has lead to both a surge in demand and an increase in the types of lightweight strollers UK available from manufacturers.

A lightweight baby stroller comes in handy when you have to move around a lot whether by public transport or with a personal car or when you leave your baby in the hands of a reliable second party; it gives them an easy way to care for your baby. The best lightweight baby stroller nowadays is both weighted properly and is still capable of keeping other factors such as practicality and style in check. On this page, we have prepared a review of three of the best lightweight strollers being offered today. However, before we delve into the detailed review, we would like to visit a few facts that have made baby strollers in general and lightweight baby strollers in particular the popular products that they have become amongst parents of young kids.

Benefits of a lightweight stroller

1. Easy transportation: – mobility is eased up and made more convenient. With busy daily schedules to be attended to and having a young child who demands just as much tender care, it can be hectic to multitask. However a baby stroller is light, movable and can be easily folded and stashed for safe keeping.

2. Comfortable and convenient: – it is comfy not only to your child but also to you. It is easy to handle and highly convenient. You don’t have to carry your baby on your arms at all times especially when he/she gets older.

3. Durable: – it is especially made to counter external forces thanks to its sturdy design and the equally robust material that it is made of. It will remain in your service for a long period of time to come.

4. Safe and secure: – its firm and sturdy design coupled with its high-end materials which it is made of makes it extremely safe and secure for your child. In fact its sides are made to absorb shocks from unwanted forces keeping your baby tucked in comfortably and safe.

How to use a lightweight stroller

After purchasing your desired baby stroller, coming to grasp with how to use it is easy.

· First you will want to unfold the stroller while locking the wheels firmly in place.

· Secondly, place the little baby-luggage you are carrying with you on the carrier bin underneath and place the baby bottle on the holder.

· If your stroller has a sun visor, fold it back and adjust the seat so that it isn’t inclined.

· Position your baby appropriately in the stroller and strap him/her in using the safety belts’ locking mechanisms.

1. Easy transportation: – mobility is eased up and made more convenient. With busy daily schedules demanding to be attended to and having a young one who demands just as much tender care, it can be hectic to multitask. However a baby stroller is light, movable and can be easily folded and stashed for safe keeping.

· Refold the sun visor to the front and recline the baby’s position while adjusting the feet-rest to an upright position.

· Finally unlock the wheels in their initial position and push the stroller accordingly.

Where to buy a baby stroller

You can buy these amazing strollers online where you can pre-order your desired one or you can buy it in baby stores near you.

Conclusively, baby strollers are dependable and highly convenient especially if your daily schedule involves a lot of movement.

For anyone looking to buy a lightweight stroller but haven’t made up their mind which to get, here are our best lightweight baby strollers reviews to help you get started:

Our Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

1. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Description of the product
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”B00GZP1VWK” locale=”UK” src=”” tag=”cherrysorbetc-21″ width=”160″]This stroller is stylish and ergonomically tailored to ensure comfort and safety for your baby. It suitable for use with newborn babies and it has a maximum weight capacity of 40pounds. The Chicco Liteway stroller is considerably fashionable and is available in different trendy colors.

• Made from aluminum
• Full recliner seat
• Hideaway boot
• Foldable
• Storage basket
• Padded harness
• Carrying handle

It is most preferred for its lightweight and compact design. The 5 point harness ensures that your baby is comfortable and safe. It has a full recline that enables you to easily put your baby down for a nap. It has a large canopy providing enough shade for baby’s hideout from extreme weather conditions.

This stroller may not be suitable for parents with big babies as the baby is likely to outgrow it before you are ready to stop using a stroller. Another constraint with this stroller is that it is difficult to access the storage basket when the seat is reclined.

Overall review
It is an easy to manoeuver stroller that is most suitable for light weight and average size babies. It is by far trendy and great for use when traveling.
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2. Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

Description of the product
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”B00G3XR7DG” locale=”UK” src=”” tag=”cherrysorbetc-21″ width=”160″]This is one of the best lightweight strollers that is designed essentially to enhance urban mobility for you and your toddler. It has 50pound weight capacity. It is available in black and gray colours.

• One hand fold mechanism
• Multiple recline 50pounds weight capacity seat
• Canopy
• Peek-a-boo window
• 8inch tread EVA wheels

This stroller is lightweight, compact and easy to fold hence highly portable. Furthermore, it can be accessorized into a pram or a travel system. Also, you can add other items for your convenience such as a cooler bag.
It does not come with the basic stroller accessories such as baby tray and parent tray hence one has to buy them separately.
The peek-a-boo window is mainly made of Velcro which are a bit noisy hence can wake a sleeping baby.

Overall review
The City Mini is designed for use in different types of urban terrains. Whether you want to run errands in the city or take a long walk, this stroller is designed to offer both you and you baby comfort and safety.
Notably, this stroller is not to be used as a jogger.
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3. Zeta Vooom Stroller

Description of the product
[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”B006DDKATE” locale=”UK” src=”” tag=”cherrysorbetc-21″ width=”160″]It is categorized in the best lightweight strollers for its unique design. Suitable for use from birth, the Zeta Vooom Stroller is uniquely designed to provide extra comfort and safety to your baby. It has three layers of fabric on the seat, a 5 point padded harness, padded shoulder pads and a locking harness that ensure the baby is safe and comfortable.

• Parent window
• Storage basket
• One-hand folding mechanism
• Automatic locking system
• Carry handle
• 5 point padded harness
• rain cover

It is preferred for its considerable good bargain, on its lightweight, sturdy and comfortable features. It has close to 180-degree recline angle to allows you to almost put your baby down flat when he/she is sleeping.
There have been complaints on the quality and durability of this product. As such, it is recommendable for use as a complimentary pushchair.

Overall review
It is a great bargain for a lightweight buggy pushchair.
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